Aurora Star Cluster lights up the night sky on Thanksgiving eve!

I often wonder where Thanksgiving came from. Even though I live on the East Coast, I like to think I still know the fundamentals of the holiday well (after some short pilgrim travel along the Mississippi River, I would say). But a friend of mine who is a Native American Scientist points out that Thanksgiving itself may go back much further in history, as it was once a festival of birth for many cultures from around the world.

He points out that Stonehenge is a focal point on the British dates of 4 November and 5 November. According to a theory mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, (Leviticus 19:8), the rains came to Israel for the first time on both dates. Now, this conclusion may seem incredible, since other than the mysterious promise of rain falling on 5 November in the Hebrew Bible, we have no other reason to believe that Israel would ever have needed rain to produce crops. If so, why would the Lord promise rain to Israel on 5 November? Well, it may be because the people of Israel, who are situated within the region of good weather, gave the Lord the promise of rain on 5 November. In other words, the people of Israel believed that God could be faithful to give rain, which has been famously documented by the ancient geographer, Babylonian mathematician, priestess and Hermit Isaac Mesbani. He, as a practicing nephrologist, lived during the time of Noah and recorded the signs of rain appearing on Noah’s ark (Isaiah 30:1-7). I find this proof sufficient to support Mesbani’s theory.

There are other scholars who suggest a more sinister explanation for the arrival of the rain. For example, Joseph Epstein, professor of economics and Biblical studies at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, uses the biblical passage in Isaiah 27:7 as evidence for the date of creation: “For the bricks came into being, the roof of our House, at that time…Behold, I have provided for them as of a superior lot, with their dwellings more dear to me; that those of them who were called peace shall receive Amen; and the peace of the city which I am building shall be upon it…” Epstein suggests that these builders (who were God’s chosen ones for the earth) constructed a fortress so that the Lord’s house would not be attacked. The Gospels also narrate (Matthew 24:36-40, Matthew 25:46-48) God’s promise to give us peace. According to Epstein, God said to the Israelites: “I’ll give you peace in the house and great things in its seat;” this clear message was sufficiently evident to lead us to belief that the storm season would not come to an end until 5 November.

There are also many historical narratives of the region of rain on 5 November, since the Bible has a tendency to use vivid, vivid language. On 5 November, in Luke 11:21-25 the talkative narrator is asked why the north had “the fall of a hurricane?” The narrator responds that it was due to “the power of the Lord of Hosts.” This passage brings to mind the words of Isaiah 58:5, in which the prophet proclaims the kingdom of God as coming before God could “break it to pieces.” (Translated from Hebrew by Rev. C. E. Fox). There is no doubt that the Lord of Hosts is the source of great rain.

Finally, there is another way that Mesbani’s theory connects the rain, the flood, and the birth of a child, in that the Lord of Hosts is also the source of the trinity of God’s becoming the Father, Father of the Son, and Son of the Holy Spirit. This theory states that God created Adam as one of his own, singular persons. The miracle of Adam’s conception caused the cloud over the Fall to take on the shape of a cloud and the Fall to receive water. Father’s and Son’s fortunes aligned so that “the Lord removed the water from the Fall (because of the changes) and (about the time) Adam came forth to be the father of His Son,” according to Mesbani. In other words, Father and Son were the singular beings created by God and became the Father and Son of the Holy Spirit who was the sole source of all righteousness, and thereby fulfilled all the commandments of God.

This may explain why it was also 5 November in American culture: God created Adam and made him father of the Son, and He placed him

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