Do You See Your Parents Differently From Your Younger Years? Test Your Memory by Sending Your Kid a Letter

Do you have a story about your parent different from what you remember? Are you angry at your parents for being the way they are? Do you view them differently because you are older?

There’s a test you can take to measure this. This simple test will tell you if you are seeing your parent differently than how you saw them when you were younger.

Begin by telling your parents that when you were young, they were your role model for different things that are important to you. As you get to the older age now, are there any lessons that you picked up from your parents that are important to you today?

When you were young, you lived under your parents guidance, according to what they did, what they gave you, who they were. Now that you are older, are you identifying with qualities like:

• Lots of family fun

• Family fun — meals, time spent together

• Peaceful

• Quiet

• Encouraged to be healthy, take care of oneself

• Good example of being good person

• Good example of taking care of oneself

• Encouraged to go to school

• Worried about making it in life

• Busy work schedules

• Crowded living spaces

• Not well organized

• Always ready with a smile

• Care about being entertained

• Opportunities for fun

• Like to use my mind

• Enjoy time with friends

• Love to travel

• Impulsive thinking

• Says I love you

• Matched them

• Nailed it

• Whatever

Now, when you are older and your parents don’t have the same attributes that you want, how do you see them? What values did you pick up from your parents back when you were younger? Do they make you happy? Do they make you sad? How do you define success?

If you don’t have a story about a time when you saw your parent differently, the Results Lab test should help you figure out what you want to say.

To participate in the Results Lab, simply complete the short questionnaire below. Note: The tests will run longer when you complete the answers and subsequent survey items.

Results Lab Questions

+ Give me a brief narrative describing your relationship with your parent as a young child.

+ Tell me about a time when you saw your parent differently.

+ How does your life look different today than when you were young?

+ Describe something about your parent you admire, like courage, kindness, generosity, creativity, optimism, or caring for others.

+ Describe something about your parent you fear — like risk, an uncontrollable thought, an accident, or a depression.

+ Tell me about a time when you cared about another’s opinion of your parent, or about what you learned from your parent about integrity, sacrifice, or faith.

+ Tell me something about your parent that you’ve tried to do better, but failed.

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