Emerging evidence suggests that heat sweeping across earth is bad, warns scientists

Oxygen masks are passed out to workers who wait in line for parts as miners moved earth as part of the restructuring of the Guzaltar coals company in the Bolivian town of New Guinea May 9, 2015. REUTERS/David Mercado

A tropical cyclone may break up the warming cold fronts that sweep across the earth, according to a new study.

Scores of scientists are debating about global warming.

However, its effects on the earth are being felt immediately on the ground, with scientists now claiming that extreme ultraviolet rays generated by a sun that shines on the highlands of south-east Bolivia are worse than predicted.

“Right now, some regions of Bolivia are already colder than the poles”, said Sam Wang, an associate professor of paleo-climatology at the University of California, Berkeley, in an interview with The Australian.

“We believe the extra heat and warmth is flowing directly from the top of the Earth’s atmosphere toward the continent’s most arid desert”,he said.

The findings are that sun’s ultraviolet rays are being drawn right down to earth’s surface, temperatures are being “far above average” and low-level trees have begun to appear in some of the most drought-stricken areas of the valley.

Using radio waves, scientists can measure the intensity of UV rays using the human body as a proxy. “Right now, most ultraviolet radiation comes from the upper atmosphere”, said Professor Wright.

“But under human beings, the ultraviolet radiation is being mostly absorbed by the lungs”, he said.

“Some researchers believe that the extra heat and warmth is being transferred from the upper atmosphere directly into the earth’s surface. “

Moreover, Professor Wang said that many researchers were starting to question the notion that warming change on Earth was caused by heat shifting from the oceans.

Rather, the warming upper atmosphere is being driven by “North Atlantic storms and possibly some El Niño type events”, he said.

“We think there is a real world process pushing all that stuff across”,said Professor Wang.

“This is like nature printing out a new climate model on the printing press – this sun isn’t normal”,he said.

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