Hear Ariana DeBose sing the new track ‘One Last Time’ from her upcoming album, Carmen

Ariana DeBose didn’t enter into the world of theatre until she was eight years old.

At the time, her mother, Teresa, wanted her daughter to follow her dreams and pursue a career in music or modeling, but Ariana didn’t want to quit school to follow her career path, so she took dance classes and worked in daycare, where she met fellow members of the Children’s Serenade Children’s Chorus of Colorado, and soon started performing with them on their nationwide tour.

Towards the end of her time with the Children’s Serenade, Tanda, from the group’s rendition of West Side Story, became the lead singer. She was only eight years old, and Ariana was there to help sing, dance and teach. From there, the young actress moved to L.A. and embarked on a successful career as a singer, dancer and actress. The time came when Tanda needed a backup singer for the tour, and Ariana was the person chosen to fill the void.

Since, Ariana hasn’t stopped her singing career or career in TV, where she has starred in Fringe, NCIS: Los Angeles, Veronica Mars and now One Day at a Time. She’s currently filming Season 5 of One Day at a Time in Los Angeles, which also stars her on-screen mother Justina Machado. Ariana is always excited to work with her fellow cast members, who she’s so happy to be able to call her “Mama” on set. She’s back on tour, and you can watch her in 1D’s history-making Rise Tour 2018 summer dates at this link, where she will be playing along with 2 of her new bandmates; Corey Feldman, 31, and Noodles.

In July, Ariana appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where she stripped to her bra and danced to the opening track off her new album, being played on The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke series. Watch Ariana’s Carpool Karaoke episode now.

Ariana says she is always inspired by her fellow Broadway actress Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the Broadway musical Hamilton, which recently won 11 Tony Awards this year, including best musical, best book, best direction, best score, best actress in a musical, best actor in a musical, best featured actor in a musical, best featured actress in a musical, best featured actor in a musical, best actress in a featured role in a musical, best revival of a musical, best actress in a featured role in a musical, best featured actor in a musical, best musical revival and best featured actress in a musical.

Before Carmen, Ariana had previously been auditioning for many Broadway shows, some of which she failed to get into. Her proudest moment came when she walked the opening night of Hamilton. It was an incredible show, and Ariana sang the song, “Yorktown”, from the show. She has a short but powerful rendition of that song at the start of her video.

Carmen is Ariana’s debut album, the long-awaited follow-up to her hit album, Dead Man’s Bones, which she released in 2014. Dead Man’s Bones got her on to the reality show, America’s Got Talent, when her performance of “How Can I Be Lovelier” had the judges walking out of the room and complimenting her on the performance.

Ariana’s latest video for her new song, “One Last Time”, was directed by her boyfriend, Hollywood and Ketchup Records co-founder James Franco. The video, Ariana’s second, gives a complete look at what the world of pop music to Ariana at the moment, after her success with her last singles, “Everyday Is a Holiday” and “Sledgehammer.” The video is full of love for all those who have supported her career and continues to push her into the spotlight by telling her that it’s her turn to shine.

If you’re looking for a reason to love Ariana DeBose, you’ll find it in her new video, which has had over 5.5 million views since it was released on December 3.

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