Iran governor becomes latest to get slapped in the face

Image copyright iStockphoto Image caption Women in Iran face discrimination at work and on public transport

An Iranian governor has become the latest to get slapped in the face after saying that women’s roles should be more like a man’s – in housework and child-rearing.

Gholam Ali Haddad Adel was addressing a meeting in northern Iran when he was lightly touched in his face.

He lost his temper and told the women’s deputy speaker “to go away, there is no room for you in this parliament”.

The incident was caught on camera and quickly went viral.

It was reported that the local journalist covering the session called the incident “silly” and admitted that he had not heard the insulting remarks about women beforehand.

Another member of parliament had earlier made the same remarks, sparking a fierce debate about family responsibility.

Media reports in Iran said Mr Adel’s comments were viewed by many viewers as “advocating segregation of women”.

Parliament unanimously called for the chief of the country’s Islamic morality police to be fired.

Women in Iran face discrimination at work and on public transport.

Under Iran’s Islamic Revolution, which toppled the Shah in 1979, “mahr” – half the population – is considered Muslim. In Iran, a woman and a man can be working together but cannot carry out any “prohibited” activities.

The vice-president for women’s affairs has called for the woman who had insulted him to apologise, if she doesn’t the security forces would act.

The International Monetary Fund, Britain and the EU have urged the European Union to end its sanctions against Iran in the wake of the nuclear deal it reached with world powers.

The European Union says it is fully committed to the nuclear deal with Iran.

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