Judge Rules Amanda Knox Cleared Of Crime- Criminal Insider Reports

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Italy’s highest court has overturned the life sentence for Amanda Knox, overturning the convictions of her and her former boyfriend for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy.

FOX’s Lisa Brady has the details in this special report:

This is the very first case in which a person was convicted for slitting the throat of a student abroad after being found guilty of the crime. She was found in a shallow grave with her throat slit. Amanda Knox was the first person convicted in this case.

For 12 years she and her former boyfriend were on trial. Many felt they did not get a fair trial and that false testimony was fabricated. All of this came down to faulty DNA evidence. The case was reversed this morning in Italy, because the Court of Cassation decided that much of the evidence could not be used to convict the pair because it was tainted. The Court found that the DNA evidence pointing to Amanda Knox was made faulty by the police.

Fox News Legal Analyst Peter Johnson Jr. joins us now to discuss this.

Peter explains the impact of this ruling on other people who have been convicted of heinous crimes like this.

Peter is also part of the FOX Files & Lou Dobbs Tonight on FBN

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