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Magnus Carlsen’s formidable rise to the title has been the source of much celebration but questions remain about just how his business activities have fit into that story

Magnus Carlsen: champion again?

So Carlsen is standing for chancellor in Norway. His nickname The Billionaire (he’s not actually that rich) has been a welcome sidenote to the celebration of his new title as world chess champion. He remains one of those will-he, won’t-he ticket-filler situations, of which there are many in grandmaster world.

Carlsen’s grandmaster career has been dominated by chess tournaments, which gave him massive media attention. Critics complain about the disposable quality of the tickets and the ridiculous packages the teams and teams of reporters are subjected to. There have been complaints about the lack of standardcy of the arena of world chess, and the children’s sections at tournaments, making it hard for older players to share screens with junior versions of themselves. But generally chess has become an international tradeable commodity.

Carlsen took his business interest seriously by persuading the board to waive the usual fees for both player and club, so he can host regularly over 800 top-quality chess clubs in Norway without charging any entry fees. Chess fans continue to come in droves to watch him defend his title, which he dominates like no one else ever has. Can’t do that in the poker world, by the way. But chess attracts stars, which is why he’s one of the current world’s most popular celebrities.

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