Man punches Iranian vice governor in face on live TV

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The Iranian goverment is set to introduce social media restrictions, state media has reported.

The report from the Persian Language Network included a video clip from Friday where an Iranian deputy governor was shown to have been slapped in the face by another man during a speech to government ministers in Qom, near the country’s holiest Shiite shrine.

The unidentified man was shown to be also hit by other members of the audience, according to the network.

Footage showed the attack comes as local media reported that some social media users were threatening to murder the governor of Qom, Hossein Panahi, as well as other officials in the government who voiced the support for the terrorist group Hezbollah.

“I do not see anything exceptional about this,” said Qom security official Col. Zaman Kianbar when asked about the attackers.

“This is just business as usual.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at a press conference in Moscow, January 28, 2019. It’s been nearly two years since high-profile US President Donald Trump signed a sanction bill in August 2017 known as the International Iran Sanctions Act. AFP Contributor/Getty Images

Raisi’s government announced plans last year to further tighten social media restrictions by prohibiting content on specific platforms, such as Instagram and Telegram.

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