Olivia Jade Giannulli: who is the internet’s favourite corrupt daughter?

Name: Olivia Jade Giannulli.

Age: 18 and 19.

Appearance: Labelled, made fun of.

You mean the faux Disney Channel star who attended the Golden Globes in a dress covered in sequins and a bathrobe? The one people described as “remarkably voluptuous”? The one whose online story about eating too much and gaining weight upset people.

It was that?! But those teen online videos, Lori Loughlin with “it” girl alumna OJSMookyBunny?, indeed they were self-advertised videos, posted on YouTube, and in which Loughlin spoke candidly about her views on body image and weight. The videos, which had more than 10 million views, led thousands of people to boycott the brand she started. The daughter of the Fuller House actress said the complaints “made me feel uncomfortable” and added that she only uploaded the videos to help her feel better about herself.

I feel like maybe I didn’t care in the first place. Well, not for Olivia Jade, I suppose. She was looking out for her mother too. Loughlin, who just as when the whole scheme was exposed pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, was sentenced on Monday to the one-year prison term that was a part of her plea agreement. Her first born was in court, too.

And what did Olivia see as the problem with her mother, another star who dropped out of the spotlight to focus on family but is now under police investigation for doing just that? A convenient absence of mental health services for many of the poor children with which she has worked. A focus on self-regard over self-esteem. An attitude of entitlement among a relatively wealthy elite. A lack of candour about her own experience of the world and the need for her own healing.

So you are siding with the YouTube star in all this? I am now, because the investigation is apparently also looking into if Loughlin’s convictions were the result of having inadvertently done deals to help cover up her boyfriend’s corruption.

Seems very stressful. She will probably be in a regular prison soon.

Do say: “There’s a lot we don’t know.”

Don’t say: “But my feelings are hurt.”

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