PlayStation 4 – UK stock – live: Who will restock Sony’s console next in the UK?

Software package PlayStation 4 Classic and Nintendo 64 Classic, as well as Sony’s console, yet to be given a worldwide date

PlayStation 4 – UK stock – live: Who will restock Sony’s console next in the UK?

Developers will be unable to supply stock this year and next, but stocks are expected to begin to replenish in the autumn.

The Swedish company behind the console, Sony, did not say how many of the games would be available in the first wave of stock, or when it would be unleashed in the UK, but it has a new release schedule for the Japanese giant’s newest console, announcing a new wave of PS4 sales for 2016, 2017 and 2018, with October the first new wave to appear.

Sony told players in the UK this summer: “We will announce exact dates for PS4 stores across the world as soon as we have confirmation. PS4 will keep the sales momentum in 2017 and beyond.”

PS4 players hoping to get their hands on the console will have to be fastidious about remaining in-stock before any online stores report availability; Nintendo and Sony’s consoles have struggled with online stock availability in recent months.

Nintendo has raised fears that too many consoles were sold this year, unable to deliver the proper supply to the shops. They now rely solely on retail stocks to supply consoles, which means that shop stocks of the console are likely to dwindle in September as new stock arrives.

Sony’s shift will have given hope to frustrated PS4 players. The console currently dominates the high-definition gaming market, having shipped 60m since its launch in 2013.

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