Sophie Faldo: In Nigel Farage’s Britain, ‘It was a nuanced triumph for the Tories over the left’

From Bake Off winner Sophie Faldo’s post-victory call to action on a vegan restaurant to Julian Higgins’ dedication to his son the internet and TV has been ablaze. But for so many online commentators the biggest takeaway has been one of silence – the bright white light of Nigel Farage and the controversy over Boris Johnson’s comments about Nazism as the scandal finally emerged.

This week seems to have been a referendum for balance between the extremes of the left and right as the right comes out on top. After Celebrity Big Brother contestant Shilpa Shetty was barred from returning to the country as a state guest to comfort tsunami victims, Corbyn was supported by other celebrities, like Sienna Miller and Karren Brady. When the right came out on top, even left-leaning politicos, like Seumas Milne, defended the actions of Nigel Farage:

And whilst Labour supporters grumbled about the furore over failed baker Mr Johnson and concerned friends like Andrew Adonis were relieved for Boris that he was still in Parliament to take in the votes of the youngest MP.

In fact, this week may just have been Labour versus the Conservatives: in Sophie Faldo’s view it was a nuanced triumph for the Tories over the left.

And it was not just Brexit but also the Conservative candidate’s progressive values. “I came from a left-wing background and I probably would have voted for Jeremy [Corbyn] but I didn’t have a shared voting basis with him”, said Sophie Faldo. “In my opinion I chose the Conservative Party to be able to go into Westminster and make a difference”

As a nod to the least British sport, before the UKIP scandal struck, just as Nigel Farage came to Farage, this week Britain chose a Brexit.

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