TSA and FAA criticize airlines for letting cell phones use during flights

The Transportation Security Administration on Tuesday admitted it was “appalled” at the use of cell phones during all flights. Specifically, the TSA and the Federal Aviation Administration are voicing opposition to airlines allowing in-flight calls, something that could soon become the norm due to new regulations that took effect in March. However, some passengers aren’t having it. A 29-year-old Miamian went public with her frustrations. “Cell phones have ruined everything,” Alicia Roman said. “Everyone should just just have a seat.” Some early adopters of the new rule, such as video game star Shaquille O’Neal, haven’t been so happy. “I want to talk to my wife and say, ‘I’m sorry,’” he said in a press conference in March. It’s likely the rules won’t change this year because, the Consumer Technology Association, which lobbies on behalf of corporations like Samsung, Google and Apple, is also against letting in-flight calls take hold. As senior vice president of the group’s communications group, Grace Whelan told The Verge, “We have had a lot of interactions with both the agencies that regulate them and the airlines, and we’ve come to the conclusion that consumers are opposed to those in-flight calls at this time.” However, not all of the industry’s labor organizations have taken sides in this debate. In fact, many phone carriers have made it clear they do not want to allow in-flight phone use. Instead, they want to see the long-term consequences. JetBlue offers Wi-Fi on all of its flights but has no plans to let passengers talk on their phones. Even less likely is a plan to let people go on a Twitter tear, as Hawaiian Airlines has.

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