Where are the best basketball teams in the world?

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As the U.S. names more foreign NBA players in its sporting bodies , the game has undoubtedly been evolving in ways that are not always readily apparent to fans.

Carrick Baucom looks at the three dominant NBA squads and names who are not necessarily Americans, but who have dominated the league since arriving.

There’s a calmness and professionalism to the U.S. team that’s letting them smash the rest of the world, explained ‘Coach Jeff’ Curry, in a recent interview.

Irving scored 35 points against China. ENNICOBI OCHIENG/AFP/AFP/Getty Images

From Derrick Rose — who shook the game up when he came to the NBA in 2007 by adding a new sense of flash and flair to the game — to Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook, who changed the game with their brand of basketball last season, the U.S. side can be quite dangerous.

Here’s CNN’s Richard Quest looking at the game’s greatest stars and where the competition is heading.

Ever since American basketball underwent a new era in the last year, players around the world have been envious of the Golden State Warriors, who’re set to cruise to their third NBA title in four years.

For our latest series, we’ve decided to survey the rest of the world to ask who their team is and what they think.

1. USA — Curry’s bunch seem to have it all.

2. Barcelona — The famous Catalan team are bidding to win a tenth European Champions League title this season.

3. Utah Jazz — Playmakers Toney Douglas and Dante Exum are looking to extend their success at home with the Jazz.

4. Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers — The all-time greats are off to a slow start, but are projected to have a strong finish to the season.

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