An ‘islander’ contestant on ‘Jeopardy!’ just dropped a shocking comment about the test he took

An “islander” contestant on “Jeopardy!” recently took a surprisingly low turn on the test for the final show, NBC News reports.

Oakesha Kearse, who lives in California, won the “Jeopardy!” celebrity category during the fourth show. However, on the fifth and final round, he placed last. He failed his test on an answer to the category “Special-Interest Books.”

In all, Kearse had a strong performance, placing third in the category “Science Books,” and again placing third in the category “Mastery of Sports.” He, once again, placed second in the category “Education Books,” and his last answer on the topic “History” placed him fifth.

Kearse on his Twitter page mentions his appearance on the show once per day as a “great honor” and his excitement in taking to Twitter to share that he “made it through the whole thing” in spite of his low result. Kearse said of his performance in early January, “I felt that every minute I spent on the show was the closest I will ever come to accomplishing my goal: living abroad.”

Since the test was administered in early December, however, Kearse’s score can’t be compared to the answer given by his fellow contestants on the January 16th show, where they scored an average of $31,100. On the January 14th episode, the average of the four contestants was just over $35,000, with Ken Jennings taking the top spot with $220,000.

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