Lucinda Fede on Her Journey to Clyde’s, After-Party Memories and 7 Minutes To Live!

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On Saturday’s Clyde’s iconic New Orleans deli was transformed into a makeshift theatre. Shortly after 5 p.m. the brave souls gathered there for the fifth and final showing of the film that featured Louis Armstrong in glorious ring – cheer:

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These folks didn’t leave the popcorn box empty handed – instead, fans were given their own personalized ’round’ and on special canapés, popcorn and cold drinks.

For many, this was the last chance to make one last pilgrimage to Louie’s legendary menu – it closing their doors for good, this weekend.

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While most of this crowd caught our film, their favorite act was undoubtedly Clyde’s original musical comic Frankie Grande singing the popular song ‘You Mean a Lot to Me’ in tribute to the iconic brand. Even in 2016 Frankie was still the ‘One Man Show’ when it came to showcasing all the zaniness, entreprension and thanksgiving flavors of the food scene. He stopped to sign autographs before the curtain – and wasn’t holding back.

Julian Sebela remembers the time he got his press passes.

And Lucinda Fede remembers the creamy, cheese, and rockin’ stuff that used to be her forte as a vaudeville personality.

Joking, talking, munching, and singing to such great ‘restaurants’ as Tasso, Joe’s and Tony’s Chop Suey – this was a night full of nostalgia.

For the ones that were at the show, despite being with us for two hours, I suggest you check out their Facebook page. Come Saturday morning they plan to post a photo gallery of the night and, they hope, a total dose of New Orleans goodness that Clyde’s has been known for for more than 50 years.

Farewell may the soul food be with you, but, sadly, please excuse for so many food-borne ailments, I’m going to New Orleans today.

In theaters now!

Lucinda Fede’s story with Clyde’s opened last night in New Orleans. Listen to more of our trip to Louisiana in our brand new podcast, Clyde’s:

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