Scorpions attack two in Egypt and kill one

A scorpion grips a hand

Image copyright EPA Image caption Health experts say the large number of scorpions may have been to blame

A large swarm of scorpions have attacked three people in Egypt, killing two and leaving one in a serious condition.

The government has ordered a cull of the poisonous creatures.

Egypt is known for its large number of poisonous and dangerous insects and the government insists it is always vigilant against such incidents.

Earlier this month, a woman was attacked by scorpions while attending a family wedding in the desert in Egypt’s north.

It comes only four weeks after Egyptians endured the worst flooding in living memory.

Specialists have not said whether the scorpions in this case had been attracted to the people or were attracted to the environment due to the recent flooding.

However, locals told local media that the swarm had only been present for about an hour.

Authorities have said that the number of scorpions ranged from dozens to hundreds in the incident.

Health Minister Khaled al-Qadi said the reason for the attack was possible swarms of scorpions that had migrated towards homes and were attracted by blood.

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