Tasteful travel fails: how not to go abroad

Written by Stephanie Berzinski, CNN

CNN’s Stephanie Berzinski introduces six standout stories in this week’s The T List.

Our trip to Saint Petersburg by boat. If you’ve never been to Russia, it’s a breathtaking place. If you’ve never been to Russia, it’s breathtaking.

Photographer Robert Evans captures the people and sights in all their glory. The colors on this river in summer are intoxicating. The native animals look so happy and content.

Stop for us now when you see this. From the ice cap to the “ice cream cone” at the end, and your best friend. Why, you’ll never say goodbye again. This short film by documentary filmmaker Jamey Stoner guides you through the timeless alpine village of Amar.

We hear Robert Evans describes his visit to Russia. The one word he used to describe the tour bus “Armageddon.” This gorgeous painting by Bill Buckelew contrasts the harsh world of nature with this paradise.

This dessert of chocolate ganache and raspberries is so sweet. It may look familiar — this is the most complicated pastry of all time. It took 37 years for the legendary Napoleon to create this masterpiece. To read his recipes, click here.

Finally, this animation demonstrates, in slow motion, the destructive power of the lava lamp. This device inspired real life lava lamps and lava tossing, and could destroy your house if used by the wrong people. Try not to watch it right before bed.

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