The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear in ‘Polaroid’

In a joint press release with his father, actor-filmmaker-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and producer David Kirschner announced that their son Joseph Baena would be making his feature film debut in the upcoming dramedy “Polaroid.” The 38-year-old, who has been making the festival rounds for his short film, will take the lead role in the “classic coming-of-age story,” in which the director is taking the story into a modern and very modern Hollywood setting. Baena stars opposite Charlize Theron in the adaptation of the 1971 novel by Adrian Alphona, a sci-fi thriller about a young “nerd” who goes to a dark school for superheroes who’s haunted by the memory of a deceased classmate.

As Variety notes, Baena was raised in his father’s home with the Schwarzenegger family. As for the coming-of-age experience, Theron’s character holds a job working for an electrical television company, so when the family moves to another city, she decides to pursue a career in the art world. When the tyke starts taking fashion and modeling classes, though, her life takes a strange and painful turn that forces her to re-evaluate her future. The film also stars Dave Franco and Katie Holmes. Paramount will release the film in theaters on June 28.

Read the full story at Variety.


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